Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

There are few books in the world that are as hyped as this one. I know people who won’t read a book to save their life, but somehow they’ve read this series. It is so hyped that for a long time I wanted to stay away from it to avoid dissappointment, but I finally gave in to temptation. Now, I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it either.

I’ll list the problems first:

– Nothing happens through the first chapters, I felt no attachment with any of the characters (especially Feyre) for at least 150 pages.
– Feyre reminded me of the classic YA female character, plain-looking but somehow with two men wanting her. It reminded me of Alina from Shadow and Bone. Ohh and the wanting…
– Why is it that these Mary Sues of YA fantasy HAVE to be owned by men? The impossibly handsome High Fae (Rhysand) needs to possess, not love but own this plain human woman. Why? What did that bring to the story? I know it opens a new plotline for the next book, maybe a love story between them but why am I forced to believe this? Doesn’t he have better females to pursue? Why would he want the plain human woman? She is special how? I understood when it happened with Tamlin, it made sense that he fell in love with her. Rhysand has really no reason, at least in this book (and i firmly believe books have to be able to stand alone even if they’re part of a series). Sorry but I think a high lord will have better things to do than tease some human girl….and now what?
– He’s. He drugs her, or rather, makes her drink a wine that makes her forget everything that happens, while he touches her against her will… wtf? She’ll fall in love with him? It’s funny how people get upset and try to cancel authors for the simplest reasons, but this they accept? This the applaud? This they treasure?
For example, people who hated Captive Prince, why do you love this book? It’s also abuse, the difference is in Captive Prince it’s made clear that it’s wrong.
– Why does Feyre keep talking about her bowels? “My bowels turned watery, my bowels this and that.”
I found it kind of disgusting.
– WHY IS SHE FAE NOW?? These awesome beings have been shown curing millions of wounds, but somehow I’m supposed to believe turning her was the only way to save her? Major Bella Swan vibes.
– Yeah, you feel bad that you killed some high fae…sure.

If you’ve read this far, don’t take out the dagger yet! There was a good thing too!
– I really enjoyed the writing.
– The world-building was described well and I could picture it perfectly.
– Tamlin and Lucien were great characters. I want to know more about them.
-I liked Feyre most of the time, I think she made some wise choices sometimes.
– Nesta seems like an interesting character and I’m sure she will be explored further in the next books.
– Amarantha was a really good antagonist. The whole thing with that eye on her ring… creepy.
– I enjoyed the mature tones of the book. Unlike typical YA (I still think this was sort of YA) characters finally suffered, they cursed, they had sex. It was refreshing, a breath of fresh air.
– The story got interesting enough to make me want to read the series, which is something I never doubted would happen.

That’s all folks!

What did you think about this book? Does the series get better? Let me know!

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