Spiderman: Far From Home Review

Imagen relacionadaStarring: Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, Marisa Tomei.

Directed by: Jon Watts

Written by: Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers

Running time: 129 minutes

Release Date: July 2, 2019 (US)


If you can think of someone that does a cinematic universe better than Marvel, I will give you money. Seriously. This is the eleventh year of the MCU, and through this time we’ve had 22 movies that are somehow all connected to each other and over ten years of plot and character development. And yes guys, that’s what makes this universe so special, that’s what makes it feel like each character is crawling to our hearts. You find yourself caring so much that you would jump at the opportunity to put your favorite characters in a crystal ball and never have to let them go. We are willing to believe anything, and I mean ANYTHING, as long as we are told our heroes are alright. But that’s a story for another day.

I am a Marvel fan (just in case you haven’t noticed), and I love talking about it. I’m so happy that I’ve gotten several requests for Marvel reviews because now I get to write and organize all my thoughts. Since Spiderman: Far From Home is still in theaters I thought I’d start with this one.

Okay then, enough chit-chat. Let’s get on with the review!

Needless to say, this review will contain spoilers for previous MCU movies, especially Endgame.

Warning: Spoilers for previous movies ahead.

Imagen relacionada


So, if you’ve come this far in the MCU, your feelings have probably been shattered to the ground.

Last time we saw Peter Parker, he had seen Tony die. He turned to dust (or blipped), he fought with horrifying aliens, he was sent accidentally to space, and he witnessed lots and lots of suffering. His last couple of years have been very traumatic so far, way more complicated than his friends’.

Understandably then, he really wants a break now. It’s summer and there’s a school trip, and Peter just wants to go on his trip and have fun with his friends and the girl he likes. He is serious about taking a break from Spiderman.  Soon though, The Elementalists attack and a new mysterious hero appears, which will prove to Peter that taking a break from being a superhero isn’t as easy as it sounds.



Peter is as sweet and cute as any other time we’ve seen him. He has suffered so much by now that we are all rooting for him to catch a break. He makes one or two dumb mistakes that I’ll talk about in the spoiler section, but guys, let’s think about this. He’s a hero yes, but he’s also a teenager. He’s inexperienced, immature, and allowed to make mistakes.

I must say I don’t understand where his crazy love for MJ came from. In the previous movie, he was in love with Liz. We don’t see MJ again until now and out of the blue, there’s a love story. I know what you’re thinking; it’s MJ, Peter is in love with MJ in most versions. Yeah, I guess, but I would’ve liked a reason. MJ didn’t have much of a role in the previous movie and I wasn’t sure I would like her (for reasons I’ll explain later) but I ended up finding her just alright. I loved Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Mysterio. He is one of my favorite actors, so I was thrilled to have him as a new addition to the MCU. I can’t say much about this character without spoilers, but I did love how he turned out. 

Imagen relacionada

Fury and Hill gave me a funny impression from the beginning, they were acting really strange and out of character. I loved May, she was so fun in this movie even if she doesn’t appear much. If I had to choose one thing I didn’t like character-wise, it would be the teachers. God, were they dull. Every line felt forced, the jokes weren’t funny and overall they were just sad.

Other spoiler-free thoughts:

It’s easy to tell this movie was running on a smaller though still pretty big budget than Endgame. The special effects were great, don’t get me wrong, but Endgame’s special effects were magnificent. I did enjoy these though, they did an awesome job at destroying beautiful cities like Venice. The lighting was much brighter than in Endgame (obviously). The soundtrack is amazing, some of the songs give you chills (this goes for the people who are still suffering from Endgame PTSD).

There. Now watch out for spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Resultado de imagen para spider man far from home gif spoiler warning

There are many tells in the movie that show Quentin Beck (Mysterio) is not going to be a hero if you, to no fault of your own, didn’t know by the comics that he was a bad guy already. First, what exactly are his powers? He radiates green smoke from his hands? A fishbowl covers his face? His cape? No one ever addresses this in the movie, which was already strange. Secondly, the plot was moving awfully fast. By less than half the movie they were already kissing goodbye, having defeated that “huge” and “scary” monster. Which brings me to my last point, The Elementalists did not look scary at all and their origin story felt lazy.


Mysterio is a bad guy in the comics so yeah, I was already spoiled from the start and that’s probably why everything he did would look fishy to me. I was left wondering though why on Earth would Nick Fury buy all that crap. Fury is too smart to be fooled by a game like that. Thankfully, the second end-credit scene clears that bit up.

Resultado de imagen para spider man far from home mysterio

Okay, so the big question, why did Peter give Beck the glasses? He was already feeling guilty about Tony’s death, he felt alone, he felt pressured, and he wanted a break. Beck presented himself as this cool guy from another Earth that gives advice and knows what it means to be a superhero. Quentin was an adult who would take responsibility from Peter, someone who would make him feel safe. I’m sure he reminded Peter of Tony, and Quentin used this to his advantage. He manipulated Peter, got him to give him the glasses voluntarily, but I’m sure he would’ve taken them by force if he had to. So yeah, Peter was pretty dumb, but even if Peter hadn’t given him the glasses, Mysterio would’ve taken them.

I saw so many people leaving the theater before the end-credit scenes, it made me want to tell them to wait. I even did so a couple of times. I think this is one of the movies with the most important end-credit scenes ever. Am I right? Because now we know Beck tricked the world into thinking that Spiderman is evil and everyone knows that Peter Parker is Spiderman. It was such a great ending!

On the bridge, when Quentin dies, or should I say “dies”, I was feeling bad for him. I wanted him to live (mostly because Jake did an amazing job and I’d love to see more of him in future movies). By the end though, I have hardly ever hated a bad guy so much.

Resultado de imagen para spider man far from home gif bridge

Upon watching the bridge seen again, I realized the real Quentin was never shot. Was he? Not really, we don’t see it anyway. Peter asks EDITH: “Is this real?” he doesn’t ask bluntly if Quentin is dead. To this, she simply responds that all illusions have been removed, which is true but again doesn’t mean that Quentin is really dead. So you know what I think? That he’s clearly pretending. He’ll be back.

The movie was more light-hearted than Endgame of course, though there are some sad moments (the one on the plane, anyone??)

I hated, HATED the opening scene, with that cheap fanmade video of all the dead heroes and the corny music. I know it was done on purpose, but I still hated it. It was cringy and disrespectful, but mostly cringy. I did enjoy all the glares we get at Iron Man, all the tributes and the emptiness of a world without him. Peter is trying to learn how to live with the guilt of Tony being dead (clearly he thinks he could’ve prevented it somehow). Peter, just as the rest of the world, has started to worship Iron Man, making him this perfect being in his head. It’s Happy who reminds Peter that Tony was not perfect, he was flawed and he was a human being. I feel like this was a reminder for the audience too because it is easy after Endgame to idolize Tony, but we have seen him grow through time and become Endgame Tony. Anyone remember the arrogant ass Tony used to be?

I loved the kissing scene between Peter and MJ. Marvel movies aren’t known for making the best romances in history we all remember Captain America kissing Peggy’s niece, no matter how hard they try to make her disappear. They are almost always awkward and gross. This time it was deliberately awkward though, which made it so, so cute.

I was saying before that I wasn’t sure I would like MJ, and there’s a reason for this. Before Spiderman Homecoming came out, I had the idea there might be a possibility that this new version of Spiderman would be gay. Think about it, it would have been the perfect opportunity. MJ used to stand for Mary Jane Watson, which isn’t the case anymore. Michelle Jones could’ve been turned into Michael Jones, and there you have it, our first gay superhero. I had my doubts about Zendaya being the main love interest just because she didn’t sell it to me in the first movie. Her character grew on me through this movie though.

End of spoiler section

Resultado de imagen para spider man far from home gif

Well, that was a whole lot of rambling. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It was a nice way to transition from the heartbreak of Endgame towards the bright future the MCU seems to have ahead. It was fun and lighthearted and filled with Tom Holland’s wonderful acting.

Thanks for reading! Did you enjoy this movie? Do you disagree with me somewhere? Don’t hesitate to let me know!

For other Marvel reviews, I’m not sure if I should go from newest to oldest or the other way around, so if you have a preference write it down below.











9 thoughts on “Spiderman: Far From Home Review

  1. I still need to watch this. It’s one of the few Marvel movies I haven’t had the privilege of watching in the theater right after it came out. I think I’m still suffering from an Endgame hangover.

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  2. What an awesome review! I am still so HORRIFIED with what happened in Endgame that I cried on many parts of This Spiderman movie. I was crying everytine someone mentioned Tony, on the plane scene, even the opening video you hated made me cy. Anyway, I love Marvel and I love your reviewing style, so keep them coming! Maybe it would be better to start from the oldest? Idk lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. One of the best marvel movies! Loved your review, not really sure about the gay spiderman though jajaja. Really think the post should be form oldest to newest


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